The Challenges & Opportunities of PV Recycling

Making the switch to solar is a wise decision, both for your wallet and for our planet. Renewable energy is the best way to reduce carbon emissions and national and global adoption increases each year. But with wider adoption comes greater industry responsibility. By 2030, researchers estimate that the U.S. will decommission about 1 million…

Your Guide to the Solar Investment Tax Credit

There are plenty of incentives to help you make the switch to solar power, but the federal solar investment tax credit is perhaps the most important of them all. This program has been helping folks make the switch to solar for over 15 years and it’s a great way to jump-start your solar power project….

Earth week 2022

SunFarm Energy Earth Week 2022

We’re celebrating Earth Day all week as we gear up for Earth Day Pensacola‘s annual celebration this Saturday, April 23rd 2022! Earth Week is a great time to reflect on the beauty of our planet and what we can do to protect it. Making the switch to solar is a great opportunity to live more…

Cleaning your solar panels

The Truth About Cleaning Your Solar Panels

Happy Spring! It’s that time of year in Northwest Florida where we start to see pollen on everything: cars, driveways, windows, and just about every surface you can imagine. That also means your solar power system might be looking a little dusty these days. But should you be cleaning your solar panels? Is cleaning my…

Living the Solar Lifestyle - SF Energy Testimonial

Living the Solar Lifestyle

For Air Force Imagery Analyst, Eric Gruner, there’s nothing better than living the solar lifestyle. “When I moved down here, my Dad told me I’d be silly not to do it,” says Eric. Thanks to SunFarm Energy, he’s ready to start soaking up the Navarre sunshine with his 9.5 kW system. Eric says his lifestyle…

Weathering the Storm – Self Sufficiently

For retirees Bill and Barb Troendle, self-sufficiency is key. “We don’t want to rely on anybody. We like the idea of not having a power company tell us what we can do or how much we have to pay.” With solar and storage, they found their solution. If you live in Pensacola, you might recognize…

Net Metering: Understanding the Fight in Florida

If you have solar, know someone who has solar, or have been considering switching to solar, chances are you’ve heard about the current fight over net metering in the Florida Legislature. This session, the Florida Legislature introduced two bills, House Bill 741 and Senate Bill 1024, that propose cuts to the current net metering policies…

Spooky Savings: Energy Efficiency Tips for Halloween

Spooky Savings: Energy Efficiency Tips for Halloween

Happy Halloween! Or should we say Energyween! October is National Energy Awareness Month which means it’s a great time to share how you can optimize your savings with some scary good energy efficiency tips. Energy efficiency is an important step towards lowering your electric bill. When adding solar to that equation, the two go hand-in-hand….

Dealing With Door Knockers: Your Guide to Solar Solicitors

Dealing With Door Knockers – Your Guide to Solar Solicitors

If you’re a Gulf Coast resident chances are you’ve had solar door knockers visit your home. Maybe you’ve even encountered more than one! As the Florida solar market heats up, companies from across the country are jumping at the chance to capture business in our area. However, it’s important to keep in mind that door…

Troy has a gorgeous south-facing solar array at his home in Navarre Florida.

Residential Case Study – The Norton Family

In the summer of 2020, we sat down with our client, Troy Nortion, to talk about his experience switching to solar PV at his home in Navarre, Florida. *This Residential Case Study interview has been edited for length and clarity What was life like before you had your solar solution? I have a pool that…