Residential Case Study – The Norton Family

In the summer of 2020, we sat down with our client, Troy Nortion, to talk about his experience switching to solar PV at his home in Navarre, Florida.

*This Residential Case Study interview has been edited for length and clarity

What was life like before you had your solar solution?

I have a pool that had a propane heater that I thought was very unsafe. We didn’t run it very much. It’s hard to get our hot tub warm and very expensive to heat it with the electricity. That’s the main driver behind our decision to do the solar. We put the solar in to accommodate the new pool heater and pool pump and then of course our electrical use in the home.

I’ve gone from having a $500 electrical bill to about $90.00 a month and my solar payment. It’s cut my expenses in half, easy.

What made you realize that solar was the right solution to the issues that you had?

My wife and I have always been, “save with planet.” I wouldn’t call us tree huggers, but we are conservationist.

We have a southern facing home that’s absolutely perfect down here on the peninsula for solar. This is actually something we were looking for when we bought the home. Our two previous homes just didn’t work out. With our new appliances we thought it would be a good idea to take a look and sure enough – I would never be without solar again”

What did your search for a contractor look like?

SunFarm Energy was referred to me by my pool guy. I was talking to him about solar and he said, “I know a girl named JJ who works for SunFarm.”

I called her and we started to talk. She’s just a wealth of information. She’s probably the most solar savvy person I’ve ever met. She took the time to research the amount of electricity the pump was going to use, and research the best heater to use for the solar system to be able keep up. S

We had to do nothing but sign our name. I was very impressed with that amount of service that we got.”

“It’s cut my expenses in half, easy”

Was there anything during the process that surprised you?

The work that JJ Waters was willing to do to help me find stuff. JJ jumped in there and made the phone calls for me because she knew what information she was looking for. She requested it and got it from the manufacturers. So that was really nice. There’s no reason to put a system out there that won’t work as far as covering all your electrical use. It doesn’t make any sense to do it halfway.

I was very impressed at how much she got into it to get it right for me because it was important to me to get it right.

What would say made you the happiest about working with SunFarm Energy?

I liked the professionalism. Everybody seems to be in a very good mood. Nobody seems to dislike their job; they all seem to be right on top of things. Every aspect of this all the way around was enjoyable.

If you had a friend or neighbor interested in a solar solution, what would you tell them?

I would recommend JJ because of the amount of knowledge that she has. There were a couple of tax breaks that were coming in that made it advantageous at the time for me to wait until the end of the year. She was very knowledgeable and I feel we worked the best way we could to get it to all work out for me.”

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