Solar Power: A Modern Solution for @ModernDad

For a jack of all trades like Phil Nickinson, the latest technology trends are always at the forefront. So how does a technology guru make the switch to solar? He does his research of course!

As the face behind the popular blog, Modern Dad, Phil has had his ear to the ground for years on the latest in home technology. But when the possibility of solar crossed his mind, he knew he had to jump on it.

“The whole journey to solar was really kind of a funny one for us,” says Phil. “It started just late at night, I was asking my wife, I was like, this might be kind of cool. I like nerdy stuff, it’s kind of a nerdy thing, and I said let’s just find out.”

After conducting his own research and meeting with a handful of companies, Phil made his decision. SunFarm Energy was the clear choice for customer service, and energy efficiency upgrades. “I tell everyone you have to talk to SunFarm.” Check out Phil’s full story.

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Check out some behind the scenes photos from our video shot!