Tesla Powerwall

The Tesla Powerwall is the latest innovation in battery back up storage for your solar PV system. Find peace of mind and ensure energy security for you and your family with unlimited power after a storm or outage. Adding battery back up to your solar PV system via Tesla Powerwall is also a great way to achieve true energy independence, and significantly reduces your reliance on the grid. Learn more about Tesla Powerwall.  


Interested in adding a battery back up system? SunFarm Energy is the Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer for the Northwest Florida region.

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 Streamline Solar + Tesla Powerwall




A battery back up system stores the excess solar energy that you produce for use at a later time. Most solar PV systems produce more energy than a typical household or business can use in a single day. Any energy that isn't used is sent back to the grid. The customer then receives a credit for that energy from their local power company. However, by adding a battery back up system, instead of sending that energy to the grid, you can store it for use during evening hours, or when the power goes out. This significantly reduces your reliance on the grid, and can reduce your power bill even further.


You're already producing your own energy with your solar PV system, why not take it one step further and add storage, too! 




The 26% Solar Investment Federal Tax credit applies to the installation of Tesla Powerwall if bought with your solar PV system. It also applies if you would like to add Powerwall to your existing PV system regardless of how long you have had it installed. Questions? Give us a call at 850-472-0341.