Weathering the Storm – Self Sufficiently

For retirees Bill and Barb Troendle, self-sufficiency is key. “We don’t want to rely on anybody. We like the idea of not having a power company tell us what we can do or how much we have to pay.” With solar and storage, they found their solution.

If you live in Pensacola, you might recognize the Troendle’s home as ‘the one with the treehouse’ along Pensacola Bay. Thanks to an addition of solar and storage, Bill and Barb’s oasis for family members and their grandchildren is finally complete.

But the real test of the Troendle’s system came in September of 2020 during Hurricane Sally. Thanks to Tesla Powerwall, Bill and Barb were able to weather the storm just fine. “We lost the grid for three days, and we had no issues at all,” says Bill. “We were making coffee and ice for all our neighbors.”

For Bill and Barb, the choice for solar and storage was clear, “[SunFarm Energy was] extremely helpful, and answered all my questions very well.”

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Check out some behind the scenes photos from our video shoot!