SunFarm Energy Earth Week 2020

We’re celebrating Earth Day – all week long! Earth Day is a unique opportunity for all of us to reflect on the beauty of our world and what we can do to protect natural resources and promote conservation. Going solar is a great way to support sustainability and renewable energy, which not only helps the planet, but also saves you money.

Although the world is looking a little different these days, there are still lots of opportunities to celebrate. All week long we will be sharing Earth Day and solar-inspired activities, crafts, resource sheets, and much more that you can do from home.

Planning to post your participation on social media? Tag your posts with #SunFarmEnergyEarthWeek and we’ll share your creations!

Monday, April 20th: Solar Resource Sheet

Interested in how solar panels actually work? Ever wonder what they’re made out of? Wondering if the switch to solar is right for you? Get the answers to these questions and much more with our Solar 101 Resource Sheet. We have links to videos, info-graphics, articles, and more to help you understand the basics of solar power. Plus, check out some of the videos and articles we’ve been reading about lately, like the United States’ first-ever solar-powered town right here in Florida! 

Tuesday, April 21st: DIY Suncatcher

There are lots of ways to express your creativity during Earth Week! Bring the sun into your home this week by creating your own DIY Suncatcher. Check out our step-by-step tutorial video on how to make a DIY Suncatcher for your window using common household items like coffee filters. 

Wednesday, April 22nd: Nature Scavenger Hunt

Going outside and getting to know the local flora and fauna in our area is an important step towards conservation. Whether it’s around your neighborhood or on a local trail, how many native northwestern Florida residents can you spot? Have younger children that are going outside with you? Download our full scavenger hunt. How many items can you find? 

Thursday, April 23rd: Solar-Inspired Coloring Pages 

Take some time to slow down and complete one of our solar-inspired coloring pages. Hang your creation on the fridge or in a sunny window. Post your photos on social media using #SunFarmEnergyEarthWeek and we’ll share your masterpiece with our followers on Facebook and Instagram! Click the link above to access our five different original designs. 

Friday, April 24th: Solar-Inspired Sugar Cookies 

Spending a lot of time at home and not sure what to do with that extra time? Get creative with these solar-inspired homemade sugar cookies. Check out our tutorial video on how to make a classic homemade sugar cookie recipe, and get some decorating inspiration – from solar of course!  

Homemade Solar-Inspired Sugar Cookies & Frosting Recipe