On the Cutting Edge: Solar + Storage

Energy independence, peace of mind, resiliency. These are just a few of the words that come to mind when we think about solar + storage. After all, in the words of SunFarm Co-Founder, Doug Herrick, “energy in the form of electricity is a necessity.” Now, you can store that necessity.

Solar + Storage for Every Situation

With new options for energy storage coming online every year, finding energy independence has never been so accessible. We’re excited for the future of battery storage, and look forward to helping more homeowners make the switch. SunFarm Energy is proud to offer three distinct options for battery storage, each with their own exciting and unique capabilities. Whether you’re looking to diversify your power usage, integrate battery into your microinverter system, or stay storm ready, there’s a storage option for you.

Explore our battery storage options and hear directly from proud system owners in our latest video, On the Cutting Edge: Solar + Storage.

What is solar + storage?

When you have solar on your home, your system will usually generate more energy than you can use in a day. Excess energy is normally returned to the grid and you receive a credit from the power company. This billing mechanism is known as net metering. With solar + storage, you can store that excess energy for use during evening hours when the sun isn’t shining, or during a grid outage.

Learn more about system basics, get answers to all your questions.

Behind the Scenes!

Doug Herrick in front of the camera during our brand story/solar + storage project shoot.
Left to Right: Sam Prue, Media & Marketing Manager, Grant Tyson, Director of the Southern Creative, Doug Herrick, Owner & CEO
Jack Kelly sits on a roof during our solar + storage project shoot.
Grant Tyson grabs a shot on top of the roof.
Grant Tyson and Jack Kelly work on framing some shots during our solar + storage shoot.
Southern Creative crew members help with set up on the morning of an interview during our brand story/solar + storage project shoot.