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Electric Vehicles and Solar

Customizing your solar power system for electric vehicle charging

Electric vehicles are a great way to reduce your reliance on fossil fuels, but have you ever
wanted to take it a step further and charge with solar energy?

The most important place to start is to make sure your solar PV system is the proper size.

Information Needed

  • Range of EV
  • Battery Capacity of EV (kWh)
  • Daily Commute Distance
  • Hours of Ideal Sunlight *

Example – Tesla Model 3

  • Range: 358 miles
  • Battery Capacity: 73.5 kWh
  • Daily Commute Distance: 50 miles
  • Hours of Ideal Sunlight: 5 Hours

*Most southern states including Florida and Alabama receive about 5 hours of ideal sunlight each day.

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