A Sustainable Oasis – The Caffrey’s Story

For Helen and John Caffrey, installing solar was more than a financial investment, it was a commitment to sustainability. “We think that there is a lot that we can do that can be sustainable,” said Helen.

This past fall, we sat down with the Caffrey’s to talk about their journey switching to solar with SunFarm Energy at their home in Gulf Breeze. As avid hikers and gardeners, Helen and John love spending time outdoors. Their gorgeous property features raised beds, citrus trees, plenty of birdfeeders, and a new log pile for growing mushrooms. Even better, the Caffrey’s house sits perfectly poised for both a south and west facing solar array that gets plenty of sun year-round. “It’s nice to know we’re doing something small for the world we all live in.”

Following the devastation of Hurricane Sally, the Caffreys added two Tesla Powerwalls to their system. Adding battery backup has created peace of mind and energy security should they encounter another outage. Today, they’re ready to tackle the next hurricane with sustainable backup power.

Thanks to the Caffrey’s solar and battery storage solution, they’ve created a truly sustainable oasis – both inside and out.

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Check out some photos from our video shoot!